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Face it, PowerPoint is boring.

It's the default, no brainer mode of presenting.It's easy, familiar, cheap and about as interesting as what's in the back of the office fridge.

Go on, dig deep into the recesses of your soul and genuinely list your 5 favourite PowerPoint presentations . . . yep . . . thought so!

If you're presenting on something important, be it a new client, sales pitch or conference, it might be time to work outside the box and try something that sets you apart.

For starters, why not dip into the petty cash tin, drop the dated stock file line-art and go with a custom whiteboard animation.

Sounds cool - right? Well it is, and the best news is it can be outsourced - produced in virtually no time - and all you need is a basic script.

Of course - the best rides are short ones - and whiteboard animation is no different. Between 45 seconds and 90 seconds is the ideal length and you can add voice over, music, corporate branding and better still - you have something which can be used on the just about all social media platforms.

Still not sure what I'm talking about?

Check out an example here

Another option - which is a little more adventurous is known as 2D animation.

Unlikes a whiteboard, this involves motion graphics which uses voice over and character images to convey your message.

The premise though is the same - keep it short - punchy and you're sure to get your message across in a way which your audience will remember long after the presentation is completed.

Once again - 45 seconds to 90 seconds is about the limit you'd extend to - so think 100 - 150 or spoken words (remember though some of your script can also be displayed on screen - so important messages can have the treatment they deserve).

Click here to view a 2D animation example

So, if your intent is to take the path of least resistance, knock up an important presentation in 30 mins in the hope charisma will get you through - then by all means go with PowerPoint - otherwise engage your audience with something they'll remember you (and your business) for.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

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