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Sometimes You Just Need To Let Go

YOU love your small business - you want to make sure it’s heading in exactly the right direction - so the idea of outsourcing your marketing can be just a little scary.

What if the content isn’t written what you expect?  What if something is posted to your social media account that doesn’t represent your brand?

All reasonable fears, however, if outsourcing is done well - and you have a good relationship with whoever you select, then take baby steps - you might be surprised that all that worry was simply not worth it.

Firstly - define your strategy. In other words ‘whose your target’ and what elements do you feel are crucial to ensuring reaching your market. 

Next, build up your online presence through content creation. Generally speaking, customers will still visit your website first for background information and the four ‘crucials’ (Who, What, Where & Why) they should do business with you. So the content contained on your www is crucial.

And finally, think outside your perfectly crafted website and look at your status in the social media world. Do you really need Twitter? Is Instagram imperative? Is Pinterest going to attract the patronage you’re really after? And just because ‘everyone’ is on Facebook how can you best use it?

Like anything, time management is the key to making sure you get the best out of your day - having the confidence to delegate at least part of your marketing (while initially difficult) will ensure that time is better spent concentrating on other things.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

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