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PARTICIPANTS in a reality TV show that sent them to live in the 'wilds' of Scotland for a year cut off from the rest of the world - have emerged from the end of their ordeal only to learn that no-one was watching. In March 2016, the UK's Channel 4 sent 23 volunt.. MORE HERE

IF you think seniors aren't quietly becoming more savvy when it comes to technology - look at it like this - perhaps your view of who exactly are seniors these days is out of touch. You see, while it's true there's not necessarily a lot of 90 year olds using Sna.. MORE HERE

The "chronic lack of investment" in women's sport from sponsors and broadcasters despite increased interest from spectators and viewers is evidence in a report released recently showing that in the UK women's sport attracts just 0.5% of all spo.. MORE HERE

Riding Radio's Wave


Who said new (and old) school media couldn't work hand in hand? Just six weeks after the launch of our on-line radio station Classic Hitz 24/7, we're hitting finding fans all over the world. With a playlist that features all the hits from the 60s 70s & 80s - .. MORE HERE

Classic Hitz 247


Who'd have thought - our very own Classic Hitz 247 has found listeners in Peru, Estonia and Guatemala not to mention the UK, US & Japan. Thanks to everyone for helping support this little fledgling project fly. Make sure you tune in while you work! (Click her.. MORE HERE

That's right! The PR Guy has just launched its own on-line radio station! Known as Classic Hitz 24/7 it can be heard live NOW all around the world through through our platform provider Radionomy and simply doing the search for Classic Hitz 247. .. MORE HERE

Brand Yourself


One of the most crucial things about your business is creating its own unique brand. Cohesion, colour, placement and design are the building blocks from which you start - perception, values, touchpoints and identity are your next stop. How your brand refers .. MORE HERE

Building your own website might seem like a great idea for the cash strapped start-up. Afterall, there's a multitude of 'free' web-building platforms out there - what could be simplier? Right? Ok. So, most of the better known and more successful of these si.. MORE HERE

The Figures Don't Lie


Tragic fact! Horse racing receives more air time than women's sport when it comes to news coverage in Australia. A total of just 7% is devoted to women worldwide - what's more only 0.4% of commercial sponsorship goes to women's sport. .. MORE HERE

The signs of growth in the Australian ad market are strong, with the latest media agency spend figures showing the ad market is set to exceed $8bn in media agency spend this calendar year. According to the latest figures from Standard Media Index, November .. MORE HERE

So you don't do social media because you haven't got the time? And social media wouldn't help your business anyway right? We've heard it all before (and plenty more) scores of times and continue to see people not taking advantage of a relatively inexpensive way t.. MORE HERE

Crisis Management


YOU could spend tens of thousands of dollars on modern-day business & marketing prophets telling you exactly what NOT to DO when it comes to crisis management - but essentially we all inherently know what needs to be done - it's just we sometimes need a reminder.. MORE HERE

Fifty Shades of Red


Parents in a Pennsylvania school are turning 50 shades of red over a word search puzzle given to kids based on the erotic novel and recent movie release. According to the Huff Post, students in Monessen were given puzzles based on "Fifty Shades of Grey" that conta.. MORE HERE



Never heard of Dizzyjam? We're not surprised - it's one of the best kept secrets on-line when it comes to selling music merchandise directly to fans. The pluses of course are there is no middle men, the Dizzyjam guys take care of any printing and shipping - and you .. MORE HERE

So exactly what were the so-called 10 biggest Australian PR disasters of 2012/13? Well, discarding no.8, 6, 5, 4 and 1 - which all sat firmly on the political side of the PR fence, there were some red faces and some quick thinking needed from a few unlikely candidate.. MORE HERE

Get 'Vlogging'


We've all heard of blogs - in fact unless you've been under a rock for the last 5 years chances are you already write, follow or at least understand what they're all about. But these days its often not enough to simply express your thoughts via the written word, whic.. MORE HERE

Get em talkin'


Let's not beat around the bush, bottom line is journalists probably aren't interested in you - no matter how 'newsworthy' you think your product or business is. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people earnestly believe their story is 'special' when in reality .. MORE HERE

The increasing number of tablet owners in the U.S. is changing the way people shop from in-store to online — 20% of all mobile ecommerce sales now come from tablets and 60% of tablet owners have purchased goods using a tablet. Tablet users spend an average of .. MORE HERE

Pre-production starts early 2012 for Australia's newest and freshest TV sitcom - Xandria. Sponsorship and funding packages are going fast - and for as little as $2500 you too can be part of the Xandria 'experience'. For full details visit MORE HERE

Next time you’re driving through a toll booth at a shopping centre, hospital or in the city, pay for the person directly behind you – even if just $5 – and hand your business card to the toll booth operator. Ask them to hand the card to the driver .. MORE HERE

New social media figures have just been released showing that Australia's love of networking continues to outstrip the rest of the world on a per capita basis. The top 10 as of October 2011 are: 1. Facebook – 10,659,580 users in Australia (up 30,980) .. MORE HERE

We speak your language when it comes to PR Take a quick look - .. MORE HERE



Are you just a pawn on the PR Gameboard? Get rich by 'buying stolen properties, pimpin hoes, building crack houses and getting car jacked'. "Yo got a whole neighbourhood to crack". With lines like that, how could this group even possibly have predicted that p.. MORE HERE

Video: Getting Your Message Across - Are You All At Sea? .. MORE HERE

When it comes to the media and getting it right – sometimes editors and journalists are their own worst enemy. Here's just a few examples: Some are just slips of the tongue • Grandmother of eight makes hole in one • Deaf mute gets new hearing .. MORE HERE

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