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IF you think seniors aren't quietly becoming more savvy when it comes to technology - look at it like this - perhaps your view of who exactly are seniors these days is out of touch.

You see, while it's true there's not necessarily a lot of 90 year olds using SnapChat, Linkedin or Pinterest - there are multitudes out there well into their mid-60s and into their 70s who were there on the ground-floor when the Internet/Email and technology kicked off in the early 80s and are racking up virtual frequent flyer points on platforms such as Facebook as they keep up to date with the lives of their children and their children's children.

A report from the Pew Research Centre in the US backs up our argument, citing that seniors are one of the fastest growth sectors when it comes to social media use.

Pew started tracking social networking use and breaking it down by age and gender over 10 years ago - and while only 6% of 30-49-ers were engaged with social media then and close to zero percent in the 65+ age bracket - those figures have changed dramatically.

Today, over 35% of those 65 and older say their active on social platforms - more than three times the number from just three years ago.

So - should seniors be a part of your target market when it comes to your business? 

Perhaps - just perhaps.


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