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Let's not beat around the bush, bottom line is journalists probably aren't interested in you - no matter how 'newsworthy' you think your product or business is.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people earnestly believe their story is 'special' when in reality - theirs is purely an infatuation. The love is blind adage is never so true as when a business is involved.

So what do you do in order to attract publicity?

Remember these four simple words: Have A Killer Idea

I could go into story and verse on what you could do - but then I would be out of a job - so suffice to say you'll need to come up with the ideas yourself (or you could speak to us and we'll come up with them for you) - but essentially if you follow the following principles - you might be suprised at the response.

1. Make a list: Just like this article, you can create stories around a list. Information like “The 10 Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make

2. Promote or get involved with a good cause: Look for a “feel good” angle when it comes to your business and write up your own release.

3. Publish case studies, data and surveys: If you have information to share, then share it with the press!

4. Give the national news story a local flavour: When big news hits adapt!

5. Highlight the strange: Come up with a zinger of an idea and it will go viral before you can say Jack Robinson. Find the odd, the strange and bizarre and write about it.

Hopefully this inspires you to write your own press releases. Most businesses overlook many opportunities to send out a press release and get some media coverage. They make the one mistake that is common: they make it about them, not the story. Once you do that you’ll turn most people off right away, including journalists.

Use these tips and write your own killer press releases – and you’ll get media biting.


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