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Never heard of Dizzyjam? We're not surprised - it's one of the best kept secrets on-line when it comes to selling music merchandise directly to fans. The pluses of course are there is no middle men, the Dizzyjam guys take care of any printing and shipping - and you can upload your designs and your ready to go. Sure - there's heaps of others out there to do something similar - but if you're into your music - you could do a lot worse than check em out! Just remember where you learnt about it OK!


Who the hell are 'The PR Guy'?

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We're a small business with a big heart - wiilng to go the extra mile for our clients because we need them to succeed. With over 25 years of experience and clients all over Australia, The PR Guy continues to grow while maintaining it's exemplary customer service values - all with our relaxed, friendly style - call today.




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